Nigeria, Rise Up And Declare That God Is Good

We are with you.

We are with you.

Nigeria, we are with you. When one part of our body is in pain, the entire body is in pain. The world-wide church embraces you with arms of comfort. We grieve with those who grieve.

I know there are those of you who will stand on the word of God and believe for miracles. You are the ones who are needed for your country. God said He would be with you. He said what ever you ask in Jesus’ name, He would do. Ask in faith, absolute faith, that God will answer. He is a God of resurrection and life. He can undo the enemy’s plans and bring blessing. He can be God when you need Him to be God.

Rise up church in Nigeria. Put on your armor. Declare the promises of God over your people. God is good. Use your authority to rebuke the powers of evil. Release the kingdom of God in your nation. Release peace and joy. You are God’s voice to the world. Speak out, in the name of Jesus, to declare righteousness and justice.

One person can chase a thousand. Imagine the church standing in the power and authority of God to bless a country and bring salvation and healing. Church in Nigeria, you are strategically situated to bless and protect your people. God is with you, and so are we.

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