Don’t Panic When Seasons Change, You’re Stepping Up To Higher Ground

Be patient when the seasons change on you.

Be patient when the seasons change on you.

No matter how long we’ve been a believer, at some time, we’ll suddenly realize that things have changed for us. Life in the spirit flows very much like life in the natural. We grow physically and spiritually, and in the same way, we experience seasons in our lives.

It is very natural for us to have extended times of great blessing, where every door opens before we touch it and everything that we need falls in our lap. And then it stops. It’s unnerving when it happens, because we wonder what we’ve done wrong. It truly is a good time to stop and evaluate our lives to see if repentance is in order.

But very often, the uncomfortable change is not because we’re in sin, it’s more likely that God has bigger plans for us than we have for ourselves. He changes the season on us to draw us closer. It’s a time of listening and learning. We can’t get to the next place He’s called us to until we learn to step higher. The quiet season is the time it takes to get to the greater blessing.

When you realize that you’re in a transitional period, relax. As much as we hate change, it’s going to be ok. Ask God to make you sensitive to what He is doing and agree with Him, don’t fight it. Trust Him that His plan for you is awesome. And before you know it, the season will change again.


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