Polishing Tarnished Dreams

God can fix any failure.

Do you look back on your life with regret? Do you think that you’ve traveled so far from your lofty goals that you could never pick them up again?Don’t be so sure. Joseph was destined to help a nation through a time of trouble. If he kept his mouth shut about the dream of his brothers bowing before him, he still would have ended up in Egypt saving his people. God can work any evil, any stupid decision, any defiance to His purposes. He just knows how to do that.

Don’t ever think that you’ve blown it and can never be what you thought you were supposed to be. Maybe the route is longer going on the path you chose, but if you give it over to God, He will make a way. And He will use all the experience that you’ve collected for good use. The key is to admit when you’ve made mistakes and give them to Jesus and ask for His guidance. Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil. We need to always ask for His help and protection as we go along in life. Put your dreams in His hands and watch how He polishes what was once tarnished.


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