Raising Your Children In Blessing

blessings for childrenWe are responsible as parents not only for the physical safety and well-being of our children, but their spiritual maturity as well.

We are to teach them the ways of God so they know how to trust the Lord. As you put your life and heart in God’s hands, you are modeling for your children how to do that.

God loves our children and His promises to bless them are awesome, but their blessing begins with you. Parents must establish a home of righteousness that will protect and bless their kids. The blessing that God pours into parents who love God with all their heart, soul, strength, and mind, will spill out to their children. You are the conduit for what comes into your home, and that can be both good and bad.

Set your heart to be righteous and holy before God and He will bless your children. When children see righteousness in action, they will copy it, and their faith is precious and powerful. Imagine growing up knowing God from a young age. Not knowledge of God, but knowing God. You are parents of world-changers. Be wise. Be joyful in the Lord and be filled with His wisdom, and your children will be blessed.


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