Repentance Is A Good Thing — Embrace It

Repentance helps you grow.Repentance is not just about being sorry for what we know we’ve done wrong. We have do something about it. We have to change our ways. If we are truly repentant, we don’t want to do that same thing again.

When you repent, confess to God what you know you need to confess, then give Him the issue. Ask Him to take it from you. Visualize yourself handing Him a box with the bad actions in it. Then ask God for the good things He wants to replace it with.

We act badly out of our own sinful nature. God wants to renew us in our new identity in Christ. For everything we let go of because it’s from our old self, God has a good thing to replace it with to build up your redeemed self.

That’s how we grow in maturity. Faith upon faith. Line upon line. Precept upon precept. As we let go of actions and attitudes that hold us back, we receive better gifts that protect us and show us how marvelous God is.

Embrace repentance. There’s no need to hold onto anything that keeps you from being the amazing person that God sees you as.


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