Your Salvation Is The Most Precious Thing You Could Possibly Posses

It’s so sad to read about all the people in the Bible who started out well, but finished badly. It’s a lesson to us to not take our grace lightly. Solomon was the wisest man ever to live, and he still failed to honor God at the end of his life.

The kingdom of God is like a pearl of great price.

The kingdom of God is like a pearl of great price.

So how do we hold onto our salvation and not fall away? We are called to endure for our salvation. (Mat 24:13) We have to hold onto it as a precious gift. Jesus called the kingdom of God a pearl of great price and a treasure hidden in a field.

Our relationship with God must be intimate and deeply loving. It must be the most important thing in our lives. Guard it. Protect it. Work to make it grow and be stronger, like a tree planted by rivers of water. Love God with all your heart, your soul, and your strength. Give it everything you’ve got.

And when you do, you will live in grace and protection. God promises to meet your needs and bless your desires. You can pray on earth as it is in heaven and see results, because you belong to Him. Your salvation is precious and priceless. Protect it, and it will protect you.


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