Servants Don’t Hesitate To Serve

We are all bondservants of Chirst.

Serve Him out of love.

Our salvation requires payment. It is free to receive, but we pay our lives for freedom in Christ. We no longer own ourselves. He who is called while free is Christ’s slave. (1Cor 7:22) We are more than slaves, yes. We are heirs and friends, but the cost of freedom is our life.

If you choose to become a slave, you don’t get to dictate what you do or how you will be treated. Your master owns you. You put yourself in his hands to do what ever you are told to do. There is a point in our relationship with Jesus that we submit to being owned with complete love and joy. That is called bondservant. Paul, James, Peter, and Jude all called themselves bondservants because their love of Jesus overpowered their desire to own themselves.

If we are truly bondservants, then why do we hesitate or refuse to be obedient when we know we’ve been asked to do something? Would you do that if a flesh and blood master gave you a command? No. You would act immediately.

We need to find that place of obedience out of love, setting aside our own agendas. Be used by Him because of your love and love will fill you even more.

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