Showing LoveTo Those Who Don’t Like You Isn’t Easy, But Necessary

The kingdom of God is about showing kindness to an unkind world.

The kingdom of God is about showing kindness to an unkind world.

I saw an old episode of a tv show where a bull escaped a pen and ran at a little girl. She had her back against a fence with no where to go, so she just stood there quietly. The bull ran right up to her and stopped, then turned around and went the other way. She didn’t react, so she didn’t get hurt.

If you can choose to not react when people lose it around you, you don’t become a target for them. In fact, if you can respond in the opposite of what they are expecting, you will get their attention.

Is someone in your office always mean, grouchy, or unkind? Just show love, even when their nastiness is directed at you. You have the Holy Spirit and all His goodness to draw from. Ask Him to give you what you need: peace, patience, kindness, goodness, love. He has lots to give, so don’t stop asking.

Pray for the ones who offend you the most. Bless them. Be the one who welcomes them into the kingdom. It may take a while, but love is patient and kind. Let God show you His compassion for them. He loves them, so be His love to them.


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