Are You Sinning Against Yourself?

Are you sinning against yourself? Stay with me here. I think that sometimes we may sabotage ourselves by a lifestyle that God cannot bless. And by that I mean living unhealthy. How much of your health issues are weight related or directly related to what you eat? High blood pressure, diabetes, hip, back, or knee pain, heart disease — a lot of this can all be traced to what we put in our mouths.

I don’t believe that God wants to see us living in pain, but I also think He expects us to be responsible with our bodies. Is it right to abuse ourselves and then ask God to heal us? I think He will, to a point, but then He’ll wait for us to get it together.

If you don’t know how to get yourself healthy, get help. There are all kinds of people equipped to help you lose weight, exercise, and eat right. If self-control is a problem, guess what? Self-control is an aspect of the Holy Spirit. Ask God to give you what you need. Are you eating out of pain? Give it to God. Hand over everything that hurts and let Him heal you.

You are made to live in righteousness, peace and joy. Don’t hurt yourself and miss out on your blessing.



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