Thankfulness Is A Choice

We are thankful because we've been redeemed.

Choose to be thankful.

Thankfulness is more than a courtesy, it’s an attitude. It’s understanding that all good things come from God, regardless of where we see the source. Thankfulness walks hand in hand with humility. If you don’t have the humility to see that you are blessed, then you can’t be thankful.

Choose to be thankful when things go bad. Make the decision to thank the waitress for bringing the food when it’s taking too long. Make the choice to see the good and not the bad. Be thankful when you’re grumpy and you lift your own spirit.

We enter God’s gates with thankfulness because He is good. When you stop and literally count your blessings, you can’t help but be full of gratitude. Spread that around. Be thankful for each kindness you receive. Be thankful when you pray. But in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let our requests be made known to God. (Ph 4:6)

Thankfulness comes from understanding the great gift of salvation that we’ve been given. It is the humility of knowing that we don’t deserve it. We choose to be thankful because we know that we are saved and covered in grace. It’s a choice that defines us as the Redeemed.

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