The Need To Hurry Is Not From God

It takes time to become perfect and complete.

I don’t think God understands our timetable. When we pray, we want to see answers now! Didn’t Jesus speak and things happened? Isn’t that what we should do? Yes and no. What we forget is that there is a learning curve. There is an element of the Spirit call patience that we need to learn before we can declare miracles. But the miracles are the bright, shiny toy we want to play with. Patience little one. We don’t grow from crawling to leaping in a day.

Jesus said, By your patience possess your soul. (Luke 21:19) Patience requires faith. You can patiently wait for answered prayer when you know that God will truly answer. There’s peace in patience. There’s hope in patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.(James 1:4) How about that! Perfect and complete. There’s something a little mystical about a really patient person. You feel the supernatural element in them. Ask for all the patience you can handle and you won’t lack for anything. You won’t rush into situations you shouldn’t. You’ll wait for God to answer instead of fixing things yourself. You’ll be able to receive more of heaven because having heard the word with a noble and good heart, you will keep it and bear fruit. (Luke 8:15) With patience, you can change your world.


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