Time For More Miracles

Miracles just take faith.

Trust God for impossible things.

Walking on water, calling down fire, moving mountains are all pretty amazing. Jesus said that we will do greater works than He did. (Jhn 14:12) So why don’t we?

Deception and fear are huge hindrances to seeing miracles. The enemy works very hard to make us believe that it’s not going to happen. What if we step out and it fail? We will look foolish. There it is–pride, fear that our pride will be injured.

The miracles we read about in the Bible were not for entertainment. You never read about the disciples sitting around at night making the lamp go on and off for laughs. The miracles were always to point to God and fill a need.

Don’t let this present age get in the way of seeing what God can really do when it needs to be done. Maybe walking on water is exactly what you need to do at some point. Any miracle requires full faith that God is on the other end. He wants to see your faith blessed. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, so He’s still in the miracle business.

Let God be God and step out when you see Him leading there. Trust Him. He’s got your back and it’s going to be fun.


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