Our Transformation Is A Journey


Our transformation is a journey

Our transformation is a journey

Your transformation as a believer is not sudden or over night. It’s a journey and a progression of change.

First you have to be willing to change. If you made the decision to accept Jesus as Lord, but don’t feel the need to change your life, then you won’t. Everything that the Holy Spirit has to offer will be wasted.

Change begins when you move from willingness to desire. When you really want the things that God has for you, you put yourself in God’s hands. You get hungry for more of His presence and the blessing that He brings.

Once you begin to walk with new understanding of your place in the kingdom, you begin to commit yourself to God’s ways. We’re not perfect so when the slips happen, it takes commitment to stay the course and be who you are called to be.

Over time, that commitment becomes a lifestyle. You don’t have to remind yourself to live righteously, because God is in you. Your relationship with Him becomes second nature. You talk to Him and hear His voice on a daily basis.

As long as we live and breathe, the journey of transformation will continue. No matter how old you become, you’ll still be tweaked and changed by Him. The closer we get to Him, the more we’ll look like Him.

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