When Is It Good, And When Is It Right?

Where is your destiny leading?

I happen to know some people who are so full of ideas that they can fly in multiple directions at the same time. It’s impressive, but scary. These are people who could rule the world if they put their minds to it. Then there’s me. I can multitask, but I need to stay on target. I know my goals and I know what distracts me.

We are born with destiny imprinted into our DNA. As children of God, we are blessed with gifts and talents that He has need of. Everyone has them. Everyone. Right now you are shaking your head thinking, nope, not me. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The Spirit of God inside you knows what you are gifted in, you just have to believe it and start engaging.

The secret to real success in life is not being distracted. Yes, you are able to do many things, but which ones will take you where God wants you to go? How do you figure that out? You ask Him. He’s talking to you. Learn to listen. Don’t allow every fun thing or every good thing to fill your time if it’s not your thing. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean that you should do it.

Wisdom is free for the asking. Don’t look back on your life and grieve about what you didn’t get done. Be led by God. Ask for wisdom and divine understanding. Stop being distracted. Doing things that are good is not the same things as going things that are right for you. Don’t allow your time to be wasted in the wrong area. You have some world-changing to do.


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