Why Is The Kingdom Of God Backward?

humility humilityI can’t help but notice that there is a common thread running through all the backward ways of the kingdom. We give God our tithe and we live with more. He makes us kings and priests yet servants that wash feet. He tells us to ask, then expects us to wait. What gives?
Everything is designed for us to take our eyes off of our self,  and it’s really hard to do. The two great commandments are to love God and other people. He made them a command because it’s natural for us to think of ourselves first all the time. The whole message of the kingdom is putting others before our own needs, then God will bless us with our heart’s desires.

It takes discipline to set aside your own agenda, but when you do, you break through to a kingdom of grace and power. Humility, generosity, kindness, and thankfulness will open doors that great faith cannot. I’m not saying that faith will not open doors, just not every door.

Taking your eyes off of yourself is a level of maturity that you are called to. And once you begin to mature, you can be trusted with awesomeness.


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