We Worry Too Much About The Will Of God

God will bless your decisions, so go for it.

God will bless your decisions, so go for it.

I don’t think we have to get God’s permission to do half of what we ask Him for. Some people will wait to hear from God before making any change in their life. Should you take the new job? Go on vacation? Join that organization? The assumption is that there is a right and wrong answer to everything. I don’t think there is.

Jesus didn’t teach us to check with God before doing anything. He gave us the guidelines–love God with all your heart, and love other people. He told us to be humble, caring, generous, and kind. He told us how to have a good character, not which job to take.

I believe that God wants us to use our best judgement. If we make a wrong choice, He will close a door. But we shouldn’t wait for Him to give a green light before we do anything. Assume that the light is always green until it turns red. No closed doors? Then, if it’s what you want, go for it.

God can bless anything you put your hand to. If your heart is right with Him, then your motives will be good, and that’s what matters. He will use anything that you give Him. Stop stressing about His will. His will is to bless what you do.

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