You Are Not A Mistake

knew you in the wombSome people were lucky enough to be born into families that made them feel loved. Others question whether they should even be alive. Were they an unwanted pregnancy? Another mouth to feed in an already large family? There’s nothing worse than feeling worthless. The idea that your life has no value is a lie from the devil.

If you live and breathe, then you were meant to be. God does not allow unwanted lives to be born. He is not careless with life. In fact, He’s watched you from the beginning of time. He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love. (Eph 1:4)

Imagine that. He chose you long before there was life on earth. He knew your hopes and dreams and made a plan for your life to bless your socks off. All you have to do is give yourself completely to Him so He can help you walk it out.

God does not make mistakes. Ever. Let go of any attitude of unworthiness. Salvation through the blood of Jesus makes you very, very worthy. Any old thoughts that you are not are lies and you need to get rid of them. God is a God of life and blessing. He makes you safe and secure.

You are a child of promise. Find out what that is. All you have to do is ask Him.


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