Don’t Miss Your Answered Prayer

Don't Miss Your Answered Prayer

Believe God for Answered Prayer

Receiving answers to prayer requires some positioning on our part. It is an attitude adjustment to believe that, when we are in right standing with God, we can ask what we will and He will answer. But if we don’t actually ┬ábelieve that He will answer, then we lose out on what is ours.

Think about the answer to your prayers coming down like rain. If you definitely know it’s going to rain, you can set out a rain barrel and collect it. If you don’t believe it’s going to rain, all that water will come down anyway, but will be wasted and lost. You will not even be aware that you missed it and get mad at God for not answering.

When we are right with God, He will answer. He promised that He would and God does not lie. We’re used to being lied to by the enemy, so God’s promises seem almost too good to be true. But His word is truth. Not only does He want to answer your prayers, He wants to bless you with more than you asked.

Decide now to believe Him. Set out your rain barrel and hold open your apron. Answers will come and you really don’t want to miss them.

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