Give Me Humility I Don’t See

The strength of humility is unknown to those who have it.

You will live in the high and holy place with him who has a┬ácontrite and humble spirit. (Is 57:15) I want that spirit. I want the humility that leads to holiness.I want that lack of ego that doesn’t need to be flattered. I want to be happy for others who excel where I am lacking, who are doing what I want to do. I want to be free of envy and pride. Teach me how to be like that. I put myself in Your hand to mold and shape. Define me in Your image so I don’t know it. I want Your grace on my life as a covering, a grace that forgives easily. I want to be broken of wrong paradigms and attitudes that I have clung to as truth. I want the fresh wind of Your Spirit to blow through me with life and joy. I want to walk in my first love for You every day. I want to be excited everyday by knowing You and watching Your presence in action. Bring me back to my first love and help me live there forever.

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