How Do I Pray?

prayer is conversation with God

Prayer comes from your intimate relationship with God

For a lot of people, prayer is a mystical incantation, a formula to be studied. What if I don’t get it right? Will God hear me? Will He answer my prayer if I screw it up?

Let’s just clear the air here. You can’t screw up prayer. To really understand how to pray, we need to go back and understand who we are talking to. God created us for a purpose. He wants our fellowship. He wants us in His family. The whole history of mankind is His wooing and leading us into a future where we live with Him in eternity. This life is only to see who will listen to His call.

Once you meet Him as Lord and Father, you enter a relationship with Him that is private and intimate. If you never had a loving father, this will be difficult to grasp, but envision what life would be like with a kind Father who watches over you and helps every time you ask for it.

Prayer is talking to Him about what is important to you. There is no secret code, no formula. Your prayers can be quick and desperate and they can be relaxed and thoughtful. Talk to Him as your Father in heaven. Listen to what He has to say about what you tell Him. He has answers to your questions.

Talk to Him about your life and what’s on your heart, the things that scare you and worry you. When you put your life in His hands, He hears every word you say. Don’t use Him as the last resort, turn to Him first and trust Him. Prayer will open up heaven for you.


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