How To Tell You’ve Heard God

Hearing God's voice

You hear God more than you think

It’s amazing how many times we actually hear God but fail to recognize it. Sometimes I will stop and contemplate a verse or an idea about God and not think anything of it and the next day someone else will repeat exactly what I had been thinking. The first time it happened, I thought it was a coincidence, until I realized that God doesn’t believe in coincidence.

Hearing someone else repeat what I have learned on my own has happened so many times now that I’m no longer surprised by it. Instead, it makes me stop and re-examine the message to find deeper truth. Whenever God repeats something, He really wants us to get it

If that has ever happened to you, you heard God speak to you. Start paying attention to it. Go back to the message that you heard and dig into to it. You’ll find more treasure the second time around. God is constantly sending out His message to the world. When you get your “tuner” up, you’ll start picking up His messages, and He will confirm it to help you recognize His voice. You hear Him more than you think.


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  • Hearing God’s Voice

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