Learn to Linger with God

Prayers are answered in lingering with God

Learn to Linger with God

Don’t be too hasty with God. When I was younger, I was considered dangerous with a little knowledge. I would listen to a new concept, grab the parts that I understood, and run. In my eagerness to implement something new, I wasn’t always patient enough to learn everything that I needed to know.

It’s easy to be that way when we pray. We have our checklist of things that we want to give to Him and we run through them like we’re dictating our requests. In fairness, most of the time, we are heartfelt in our prayer. We bring God our┬álegitimate needs, but we stop short of the intimacy that He wants from us.

Learn to linger. Once you spend quiet time in His presence, you’ll hear Him woo you to stay with Him. Don’t leave just yet. Stay a little longer. Just bask and soak in His love. That time is so precious to Him.

When I decide to linger and enjoy my God, I’ll hear Him say, Now show me your list. Let’s go through what you want. It comes after we exchange our love, in the peaceful place under the shadow of His wings.

You’ll find more breakthrough in the quiet place of lingering than all the pleading times of prayer.

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