Don’t Loose Sight Of The One Who Is Answering Your Prayer

Give thanks and stay humble.

Give thanks and stay humble.

When do you think your prayers will be answered? What do you expect God to do for you? How will He do it? Can He do it? There is a fine line between expecting answers and just trusting. There is also a balance in expecting what we ask for and just looking at the One who gives.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the faith of receiving and lose track of the awesomeness of God. Keep your eyes on Him while you’re asking for what you need. It’s by His goodness, His kindness, His mercy that our prayers are answered. Be grateful. Stay humble before Him.

God loves us so much and we need to respond back to Him in love. If we are continually asking and not loving back, chances are our prayers won’t be answered. He’s looking for hearts of love to bless. Imagine your children always asking and never being thankful or grateful, or even acknowledging your presence. (Ok, that may be too close to home for some, but you get my point.)

God is good. He is wonderful and generous. He deserves our praise and gratitude. As much as you need prayers to be answered, spend more time loving Him. You’ll be amazed at how fast those prayers come home.


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