You Have Nothing To Do With Miracles

Prayer is not about you.

You have nothing to do with miracles.

There are some  things about prayer that we’ve been taught wrong, and it’s probably why so many prayers go unanswered. Basically, it’s not about you, or I, or what we pray that brings the answer. It’s  God.

When we put all our focus on what to pray and how to pray, we are essentially focusing on ourselves. Let’s say we’re praying for someone to be healed. Our well-meant fancy prayer does nothing to bring healing. Our quoting Bible verses does nothing to bring healing. Our sympathy to see that person healed does nothing. And the reason is because we have focus on the problem and our efforts to do good.

Jesus is the answer. Turn your focus to Him. You don’t even have to say a lot. Once you realize that it’s the power of His name to heal, save, and deliver, you take your eyes off the problem and off of yourself. You release Him to act in the situation. It’s not about you. It’s all about Him.

The next time you face a prayer situation, turn away from the problem and turn to the One who has all power. Celebrate His goodness. Be thankful in His greatness to answer. Bless and rejoice. The answer lies in joyful acknowledgement that God can do all things.

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