People With Big Ministries Are A Big Target | They Need Your Help

Can you think of people who you consider to be strong and powerful voices in the kingdom? Automatically, you think of one or two faces without working very hard. These are people you are affected by and respect. They need your help.

Pray for those who are leading in the kingdom.

Pray for those who are leading in the kingdom.

Anyone who’s doing anything in the kingdom has a target on their back and is attracting attack from the enemy. The greater the ministry, the bigger the target, the bigger the attack. Is it any wonder that we see the big names fall after having amazing ministries? It’s because the enemy is working overtime to take them down.

Those people you just thought of need your prayer and support. They need to be surrounded by people who will lift them up and keep the enemy at bay. Pray protection over them. Pray for their energy and health. Pray for great wisdom and revelation. Bless them with an open heaven to receive everything that is theirs to receive.

Unless we have people helping us along the way, we are all subject to falling. We can do so much more as a connected family than if we are left to manage on our own. And don’t just pray once and feel done. Keep those people in regular prayer. They need you.


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