Nothing Is Stopping You From Praying For Healing


Pray for people to be healed.

Pray for people to be healed.

Jesus sent the disciples out to heal the sick and they did. Would you do that? You can. If they could do it so can you. It just takes practice. If you really want to see people healed, then you have to pray for people to be healed. Just do it.

If you have friends who want to do healing, get together and practice on each other. Everyone could use some kind of healing. Look up scriptures on healing and declare them as you pray. That’s agreeing with God. it’s His word and He loves to heal, so agree with Him and believe.

As you start to see God answer your prayer, do more. Be brave and ask someone if you can pray for them. Not every healing is instant. Many times it will come in the next day or two. Many people who Jesus touched were healed as they left, so don’t be discouraged. You may only see partial healing, but that’s awesome! Go for it!

If you have the Spirit of God in you, then you have it in you to release healing to those who need it. Don’t be shy, be bold. Jesus was our example so we know He wants to heal the sick and hurting. Imagine if everyone in church would do that. We could clear out hospitals. How many people would be touched by that? Be brave. God is with you.


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