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Was That A Coincidence Or Was That God?

God is a great communicator.

Remember when we talked about How To Hear God? He’s constantly talking to us. I didn’t say communicating because that implies that we heard Him and talked back. The problem is that we tend not to be listening. Then something happens that seems like a coincidence and we wonder, was that God? Our old nature stands up quickly to say officially that it was not. But the natural man does not receive┬áthe things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him. (1Cor 2:14) Tell your old nature to shut-up and start paying attention to coincidences. Once you decide that you will keep your eyes and ears open to God talking to you, you have to start believing in those subtle messages. If it speaks to your spirit, then you’re onto something. Respond back to Him and look for more. You’ll start to see His hand everywhere. God loves a good conversation, everyday. Tell Him first thing in the morning that you want to hear from Him and then pay attention all day. It willl start a conversation that will never end.