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You Control Your Level Of Faith

God is waiting for you to trust Him more.

Your faith becomes strong when you take off the limits.

Do you look at others and wonder how they got where they are in their faith? Does it seem impossible to you to be like that? Is there a place where you’ve decided that you can never get to?The truth is, you are in charge of your own growth. You decide how mature your faith is.

The servants who received the talents when the master went away to far country (Mat 25:14) all had the potential of earning the same profit. Some applied themselves more than others. The Israelites could have gone straight to the promised land, but their lack of faith prevented them.

Your level of faith determines your level of maturity and what God can do through you. How much will you believe? Is there a limit? You’ll believe so much and not more? Then your maturity will be stymied until you learn to trust more.

Faith is a decision. You choose to believe. You choose to believe a lot or a little. The more you choose to believe, the more God will move. He’s waiting for you to catch up to what He wants to do. If and when that ever happens is up to you.

Take the lid off your limits. Let God be completely God and your growth will become strong.

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