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Speak Peace To The Storm

authority in God to speak peace

Speak peace to the storm.

When Jesus slept through a storm while crossing the sea, the disciples freaked out. It must have been a pretty bad storm for fishermen to be afraid. They felt they were in danger that the boat would capsize and they’d all drown. Jesus woke up and spoke peace to the storm and there was a great calm. (Mrk 4:39)

The disciples happened to be in a boat tossed by wind and waves. You may be in a situation that you could easily call a bad storm. Maybe it’s a fight that flares up. Maybe it’s a devastating financial loss. It could be anything that suddenly robs you of time, money, peace, or health.

Jesus was amazed that the disciples were afraid. Why are you fearful? How is it that you ave no faith? (Mrk 4:40) He expected them to know that they were always safe with Him. Even so, He expects us to know that we are always safe with Him.

Do what Jesus did. Speak peace to the storm. Declare peace in an unpeaceful situation. It’s no different from talking to the wind or waves, and if Jesus did it then so can you. You have the same authority. Take charge and release His peace.

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