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God Knows You Like No Other

God knows you better than you know you.

Trust in the One who loves you most.

No one knows you like God knows you. Psalm 139 is an amazing hymn┬áto how intimate God is with us. He knows everything. He knows more about you than you know about you. He knows what’s wrong with your body. He knows all about your goals and ideas. He knows exactly what will be perfect for you.

And yet . . . we are so hesitant to trust Him completely. It’s the lie of Eden–that God can’t be trusted. Believing the lie is obeying the enemy. Renounce and confess any thoughts that you’ve had that God can’t be trusted. He is God. He is above all. He made it all. He is the only with all the answers.

Put your life in His hands and He will prove Himself to you in ways that will make you a believer for life. He will prove to be your safety and your provision, your source for ideas and creativity, and the answer to every need. He knows what you really want. He know what you really love. And He loves excellence, so His answers are the best.

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Don’t hold back from Him because of guilt. Just confess it and get rid of it. Let Him be the One you turn to and He will be the One who answers.


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