God Doesn’t Need Your Worship

Is God really sitting on His big throne demanding worship to feed His inflated, narcissistic ego? Of course not. He asks for our worship to get our eyes off of us. Jesus said to love other people as much as we love ourselves. That’s because we love ourselves more than anything. That’s how we are born, it’s our human condition. But God has asked us to set aside our own agendas and think outside of our natural desires. That’s hard to do because the need to serve self is powerfully strong, strong enough to blind us to the fact that we’re not really in charge, God is. And when we make the effort to turn our eyes on Him, He is pleased because He knows that it is an act of will on our part. We worship Him when we develop a lifestyle of putting other people first. It takes effort and determination because it doesn’t come naturally. And when we learn to step aside, we can truly give Him the praise He deserves.

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