Holding on to Hope

Dear God,

Discipline is a good thing. When I feel down, I know to still rejoice. When I am sad or depressed, I can still be thankful. Regardless of  how I feel, I know you are true. I know that your promises are the wonder of the universe. How could I ever doubt that? So I am always grateful, even when the waiting brings sadness. Smiling through tears, as my old voice teacher used to say. Yes, I am grateful. There is no hope without you. In you, there is more than hope, there is joy today. There is being sheltered under your wings. There will be no need for that in heaven. Today we need your shelter, your grace, and so much more. Draw me into the more. We know so little. Show me a glimpse of  the more. I have no idea what’s behind the curtain, but I will press in regardless. You are my life, my breath, my hope. Thank you for help when I need it. Help that will train me to be better at the things I need to do. I just want more of you. I want to hide in you and only come out when all the world is new and safe. Ok, I’ll be who you want me to be because I can trust in you like no other. Thank you for everything. Thank you for everything you do for me, for loving me completely.

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