Time To Grow Up

You are meant to grow in faith

It’s important to get off the milk and get growing.

Do you ever look up to other people’s faith and wonder why you can’t be like them? They didn’t suddenly become who they are today. When we come to Christ, we are born again – babies. As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow. (1Pet 2:1) We are expected to go through a season of learning – 1Cor 3:2, Heb 5:12-13. The question is, how long will you stay with milk? Some people never get off of it, ever. It’s up to you to want more from God. Then He gives you more in small steps. Can you be trusted with what you have? He’s not trying to be mean, but it would be overwhelming to give you a full adult portion of blessing before you can handle it. Would you be generous before you learned humility?

It’s important to take what we have and grow. It’s unnatural for babies to stay babies. God wants us to be mature in faith. He wants us to ask for big so He can give us big, but only if we are trustworthy enough to receive it. We grow by admitting that we have faults that need correcting. We grow by allowing ourselves to be healed from past wounds and forgiving old offences – all offences. Maturity takes time, but don’t begrudge someone else who seems to get the lessons faster than you do. It’s not a competition. If you make it that, you start moving backward, not forward. Ask God to show you where you are in your growth and what the next step is.

4 thoughts on “Time To Grow Up

  1. shepherdy

    How often we forget that the growth in spiritual life is a continous process like our physical growth! Thank you for sharing this.


    I love this article and I will share it with others on google plus. Thanks for sharing.


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