Come Before The Lord With Singing, Because He Likes It

Sing your praise to God.

Sing your praise to God.

Serve the Lord with gladness. Come before His presence with singing. (Psa 100:2) God is a lover and He wants His people to be lovers as well. He wants us to enjoy Him as much as He enjoys us. If you go before God in song, how can you not be full of joy? If course, I’m not talking about somber litanies that would put Him to sleep. I’m talking about joyful worship.

I really think God loves music. I think He loves instrumental music as well as singing. I think there will be a lot of music in heaven. He loves it when ¬†you sing to Him. It doesn’t have to be out of the hymn book. You can sing to Him in the shower with made-up words and made-up songs. You can sing the Psalms to Him. You can sing in tongues to Him. I think He just loves a heart full of music and praise. It’s the joy of the Lord being expressed back to Him.

Stop thinking that you never sing because you don’t have a good voice. That won’t fly with God. Make a joyful noise. It’s a command. Who cares if you’re not professional. Very few of us are. Allow yourself to praise Him in song and see how He fills your heart with joy.

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