God Has Your Back Whether You Can See Him Or Not

New believers want a firm hold on God's hand.

New believers want a firm hold on God’s hand.

The thing about faith is that we have to believe that God is always with us. He always has our back, whether we can see Him or not. Jesus said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (Jhn 20:29)

A small child always wants to be in touching distance to mom. He wants to hold on a hand or a pant leg for assurance. As new believers, we feel like that. We want some reassurance that God is with us, because faith is new. But as we grow in faith, we need to start standing on the knowledge that God is with us.

It is the lies of the enemy that try to convince us that we are on are own. Mature faith will rebuke the lies and praise God for His presence. Paul said to pray without ceasing. That constant conversation with God will keep you centered in the knowledge that you’re not alone. The more you commune with God during your day, the more sensitive you’ll be to hearing His voice and His encouragement.

Sometimes God may be quiet just to see how you react. Will you continue to trust Him when you can’t hear Him? (Yes, you can!) He’s always with you, despite what you see.

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