Declaring The Word Of God Is Just Like Prayer

Declare the word of God to problems.

Declare the word of God to problems.

Declaring God’s word is just like prayer.┬áJesus taught us to pray with the Lord’s prayer, but He also demonstrated how to live with His life. When He was faced with a storm at sea, He spoke peace to it. When He was faced with disease, He spoke healing to it. He declared the word of God to the situations that needed to be fixed.

When we declare God’s word in a situation, we are depending on God to move as we are asking. It’s just like prayer. You must declare His word in faith and you must pray in faith. Many times, I think God is waiting for us to declare His will in a situation, just as Jesus showed us. We shouldn’t be freaked out by that. We are just calling down heaven just as if we pray to call down heaven. It’s really a matter of semantics.

Don’t be afraid to declare the word to a problem. Look to see what Jesus did. He’s your role model. You’ll be blessed when you see the results, and that should encourage you to step out and do more. God wants to see growth and maturity in faith, and we need mature believers in the kingdom.

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