Kingdom People Know How To Bless Each Other

The kingdom of God is all about loving each other.

The kingdom of God is all about loving each other.

When Jesus described the kingdom of God, He described people who supported each other in kindness and love—people who could live like that even toward their enemies. Give your enemy your coat and your sweater also. Walk the mile with them without complaining, and then go another mile. Be kind. If we should live like that with our enemies, imagine how we should live with people in our own “family”.

When kingdom people get together, the atmosphere is almost electric. There’s a shared excitement because everyone is hooked into the same joy. There’s every expectation that God will be awesome and everyone wants in on it.

If you don’t live in a community of kingdom people, find them online. I have regular pray calls on the phone with a group that just bless my socks off. Even over the internet, you can connect with like-minded people who will know how to pray for you and bless in ways you wouldn’t get otherwise.

We are here for each other, and it’s fun. It’s fun to see people being blessed. It’s fun to see them be healed and set free of depression and anxiety. It’s fun to pray with them and call down heaven. Joy is contagious and those who have it love to spread it.

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