Find The Part Of The Body That You Belong To

Fit in with the part of the body you belong to.

Fit in with the part of the body you belong to.

There are so many different people in the body of Christ. Personalities and differences abound. Sometimes the differences are so great that we wonder to ourselves if that other person could possibly be saved!

But that’s because we’re comparing body parts to parts that don’t belong together. You can’t put an eye lash next to a kneecap and expect them to connect well. But the eye lash and the eye lid and the eyeball will all communicate the same language and understand each other perfectly.

When we find the subset of the larger body that we belong to, we’ll feel at home. There won’t be any performance issues, no awkward lingering because we don’t fit in. We’ll connect the way we are supposed to connect. We need to be with others who understand how we operate.

It’s ok that there are different flavors of Christ. As long as everyone agrees with the Lordship if Jesus and His salvation, the variances are not that big a deal. But it is a big deal if you don’t fit in.

If you feel outside of the body that you’ve attended, go look around. There’s no sin in finding a better fit. Your allegiance isn’t to a pastor, it’s to Jesus, and He wants you to be happy.


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