If You’re Not Salty, Then You’re Blending In Too Much

You have within you exactly what the world needs.

You have within you exactly what the world needs.

You know the thing about salt? It makes everything taste better. Food that needs salt always tastes bland. Guess what you are! (Mat 5:13) You are called to be the wow factor in the world around you.

But watch out for the warning. If salt loses its flavor, it’s worthless and trampled under foot. Don’t be ashamed of the gospel of truth. Don’t try to fit in so much that you don’t stand out at all. You need to be the flavor that everyone is craving.

The only reason for not being salty is fear. If you are afraid of being labeled “one of them”, then you deny the work of Christ on the cross. You hold the fear of man above the sacrifice of the God’s divine love.

You can’t carry the truth in you and look like everyone around you. If no one can see a difference in your life, then you haven’t discovered the freedom and blessing that is yours. Let go of fear and throw yourself into the love of God. Your goal shouldn’t be to blend in. Your goal should be to show the goodness of God in a world desperate for help.

Stop worrying about people and find the flavor of heaven for yourself. Once you really get it, you’ll be tasty!


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