Praising God Makes Us Strong

GodWe are told over and over in the Bible to praise the Lord. We praise Him because He is Lord, because He redeemed us, and He is worthy of all praise. When we really get that, we don’t need to be told. But sometimes we do need to be reminded when we are sick, when we are disappointed, when we are sad. Praise Him.

When we praise God, He gives us beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning. He lifts our spirit of heaviness. Praise makes us stronger and God calls us trees of righteousness. (Isa 61:3)

Praising God releases His grace over us for the things that we need. Our circumstances can be so overwhelming that the enemy canĀ convinceĀ us that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Remind yourself to praise God. Give Him the glory He deserves, even in the middle of sadness, and see how He changes things for you.

God is always good, regardless of how we feel. When we give Him the sacrifice of praise, He pours out His goodness over us in ways we just don’t see coming. Praise Him, always. He is God and He is always good.


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