How Much Is Your Life Worth?

JesusIf you were buying life insurance, how much would your life be worth? If you were kidnapped and being held for ransom, how much would they ask for? It’s a tricky question, putting a dollar value to a human life. There are some cultures and some cultures within cultures that show very little value for human life. What do you think you are worth?

Jesus Christ thinks you have the greatest value in the universe, because He paid a ransom for you that is the highest value there is–His life. That’s so remarkable to think about. There is literally nothing of greater value anywhere, and He gave it to give you life.

When we start feeling sorry for ourselves and look at other people because they are better than we are, we need to remember how much we cost. We live very expensive lives. If we aren’t living in the kingdom that Jesus brought to earth, then we are wasting what He paid so much for. It’s very humbling to remember the massive cost of our freedom.

But Jesus doesn’t rub that into our face. When we turn to Him, we are overwhelmed with His love. Our salvation was His idea. Embrace it with all the gratefulness you’ve got.


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