Deep Calling To Deep

Jesus Christ

When was the last time you got flooded in the Spirit?
Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls. All Your waves and billows have gone over me. (Ps 42:7)

There are times when we are filled with the joy of the Lord and everything just seems hysterical. There are times when we are overwhelmed with gratitude at who He is. But there are precious times when we feel the weight of His presence  so deeply that nothing can adequately describe it.

Those are times to go after. It’s not always something you can experience at church. Often, it’s at home when you have set aside time to be with Him. It’s when you reflect on His goodness, His awesomeness, His beauty, and you ask for more. The cry from your spirit reaches out to His throne and He responds with more than you can take in.

Deep responds to deep and we feel the greatness of His presence and our breath is taken away. Nothing else matters. There is nothing more important than that amazing time spent with Him. And when you think you can’t take in a single second more, He asks if you want more on top of that.

Always say yes.


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