Stop Letting Other People Control How You Praise God

Imagine if you were at the World Series, the Super Bowl, the World Cup, the whatever you call the big cricket match, and there is a special entertainer scheduled to come out. You would already be hyped up because of the game, being with your friends, and enjoying yourself (assuming that your team is winning.)

Now imagine that the special guest steps out in the middle of thousands of people in a stadium, and it’s Jesus. The crowd goes wild. Everyone is on their feet shouting and clapping and cheering. It’s an unbelievable moment. You could feel the love of God radiating up to you wherever you are sitting. The experience is beyond amazing and powerful.

Let go and praise God.

Let go and praise God.

That’s what praise should be. That can be your experience every time you go before the throne. Your response to Him should be full-out, no holding back. Give Him everything. You know what He’ll give to you? Everything.

We are so afraid of other people that we do not worship and praise our God the way our spirit wants to. It’s our loss when that happens. We never experience God in His fantastic glory because we are so consumed by “what will people think?”

Let it go. Your relationship with God is more important than what people think. And you may be the open door they’ve been waiting for to enter in too. Let your hair down and praise! Jesus is in the house!


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One thought on “Stop Letting Other People Control How You Praise God

  1. Thapelo Mampuru

    GOD is so great that he blesses us when we praise and worship Him,for He deserve the honour and glory oh my wonderful JESUS.


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