God Does Not See You The Way You Do – He’s Much Nicer

God does not see you the way you see you.

God does not see you the way you see you.

When we look in the mirror, we tend to see blemishes. We’re trained to see everything wrong, inside and out. Competition is alive and well in our society, and we are pressured to pursue perfection from all sides. When we come to Christ, we can bring in all those old, unhealthy attitudes with us.

Comparing ourselves to other people is a bad idea. Looking up to people and being inspired is good, but gauging our spirituality with others is not. Growth is personal and, what you see in others may not be what God sees.

God does not see problems like you see problems. He looks at what you’re missing and steers you toward developing you into what He wants you to be. He’s not as judgmental as we think He is. Which means, we should not be either.

Turn your attention to the things God wants for you instead of what you think is wrong. It’s a completely different mindset. If you have a temper issue, then you really need peace and patience. God has that. If you live in fear, you need a great shot of love so you understand that God will completely take care of you.

Stop listening to the voice that says you’re not good enough, and start listening to the God who thinks you’re fantastic.


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