Two Hundred Words Of Praise To God

Not enough words to praise God.

Not enough words to praise God.

God is good, kind, wonderful, amazing, special, amazingly special. He is love. He is loving. He’s a lover. He is sweet, generous, thoughtful, and giving. He is merciful, forgiving, and forgetful (of my sins). He is big—really big. He is bigger than my imagination. He is powerful and strong. He can do what no one else can do. And He can do it every time.

Jesus is amazing. He is the greatest King, greater than all kings rolled into one really big king. He is magnificent and humble. He is beautiful and joyful and happy. He is Lord and sovereign over all things. He is savior and healer and deliverer. He is the first and last and everything in-between. He’s a flower and a lion and a lamb and a star. He is the Word and the Wisdom of all the ages. He is the best big brother and the closest friend.

The Holy Spirit is a genius. He is funny and quirky and cunning and sly. He is compassionate and thoughtful and delightful. He is helpful and the very best teacher ever. He is modest yet highly skilled and talented. He is the Spirit of skill and talent. He is awesome.

God is above all—so high above all that all can not come close. And I love Him.

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