We Are All Family For A Reason

Family will be there when you need them.

Family will be there when you need them.

In the kingdom of God, we are all related–sisters and brothers with one Father. We are meant to be connected to each other. That’s why we’re also referred to as a body. A body needs all its body parts in good working order. If a toe gets stubbed, there are body parts that know to take an aspirin and apply ice.

That’s the awesome part of being connected. When we work as a body, we are connected with people who know how to take care of us. And believe me, we will all need it. The first time you go through depression or discouragement, you’ll want someone around who knows how to break that off and bless you.

But you also have responsibilities as a family member. You need to ask for help when you need it. Don’t assume that everyone else is perfect and you’re the only one with a problem. Be honest and open. Connect with people who love you and support you. Allow them to do what they are good at.

And then be there for others. Friendships take time, and more. It will cost you to be connected in this family, but God will bless you for it. And you will always get more than you give.

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