Don’t Isolate Yourself

the body of ChristThere seems to be a lot of people who stay home on Sundays and watch services on the Internet or on TV. Even more will actually go to Church, then leave immediately, never stopping to say hello or enjoy fellowship. For people with serious reasons for not being able to go to church, I understand. For the others, I do not.

Jesus said, next to loving God with all your heart, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. (Matt 22:39) It’s right up there with loving God completely and passionately. We are not meant to be isolated islands of faith, we are a body. We are designed to care for each other. Why are gangs so¬†prevalent? Because of our deep need to be included. We are made to be in fellowship with other people.

If you made the decision to stop going to church because you were offended by something, work it out. God is not pleased by a body part that refuses to work. Humility, forgiveness, and grace are all aspects of His Spirit that He put in us that He expects us to work in. You are missing out and others are too because you are not there.

There is so much more of  God available to us when we live obediently. You need people whether you feel like it or not.

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