You Were Literally Made To Need Other People

The kingdom of God is all about loving each other.

The kingdom of God is all about loving each other.

I heard a discussion on NPR about the fact that mammalian babies are born with smaller brains to make it out of the birth canal. As a result, mammalians require care from adults to survive and the infant brains will grow and learn culture at the same time.

Evolutionary discussions aside, I think there’s something to that. We have been created to need people. Baby humans can’t run off on their own like baby turtles. We need each other. And the fact that we require interaction from others at birth does not change as we grow older.

The spirit of individualism can get in the way of developing the community that we were made for. That’s why it’s such a huge command to love each other. We need to be open to help and receive help. God blesses community. He blesses cities and nations.

The temptation to isolate yourself is not Biblical. It creates a wedge to separate you from the connections that you need. Resist that. If you have trouble connecting with other people, and I don’t mean just being introverted, ask God to help you. Ask Him to show you if there is a problem that you need to address.

We are a social people in the kingdom of God because we were made to love each other, so look around and find someone to love.


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