Your Life Will Shine Out The Glory Of The Lord For Others To See

His glory will be seen upon you.

His glory will be seen upon you.

You know what happens when you start to live a fully dedicated life to God? You get filled with His joy. The more you trust Him, the more He blesses. Even in sudden times of conflict, you trust Him, He still blesses. You trust Him more, He blesses more. He will bless to the measure that you trust Him.

And you know what else? His glory will be seen upon you. (Isa 60:2) Yep. Other people will see the blessing of God on you. If they didn’t know you before you became a believer, they’ll just think that you are naturally awesome. If they did know you before, they’ll be amazed at the transformation they can see happening, because living in faith will transform you.

Even though you don’t feel it, God’s glory is on you. It’s actually shining out of you. The more joy and love of God in your life, the brighter that glory will shine. You’ll be a lighthouse in dark places. Do not feel bad because you don’t see it. You probably won’t see it. That’s the way humility works, but others will see it.

Live with faith and joy and God will do things in you and through you that will affect people far beyond anything that you know. One day you will be amazed and bless God for it.


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