Understanding The Kingdom Of God Here Should Prepare Us For Heaven

I don’t know about you, but when I started getting revelation on what the kingdom of God was all about, it changed how I look at heaven.

The kingdom of God is all about loving each other.

The kingdom of God is all about loving each other.

For some reason, I guess I was more influenced by cartoon images of heaven than I thought. I didn’t really think I’d become and angel and sit on a cloud playing a harp, but it wasn’t far off. I did feel as if my experience of heaven would be about me getting my well deserved rewards and being blessed by God. I wasn’t thinking about the other people who would be there. I never thought about how “we” would interact.

But the more I understand about the kingdom, but more I realize that it’s all about community. It’s about loving God and loving people. It’s about showing compassion and kindness and giving where it’s needed. It’s selfless, where I was thinking completely selfish.

Then I realized that the model of the kingdom that Jesus was showing us here is to prepare us for heaven. Heaven is community too. It’s the life that God initially planned for us before the fall in the garden. It’s not about God and me, it’s about God and us. So get used to people. Learn to love than and bless them. We’ll be together for a looonnnnnggg time.

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